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What 's on the Menu ?

For starters, you’ll be asked to show your vaccination pass. So go for the ‘main dish & dessert’ formula and we’ll do everything we can to apply the sanitary regulations and let you enjoy a delicious, warming and friendly meal in our company.

Good-mood menus for morning, noon and hight!

(See which days we’re open per season on “Actualités” (News) page)



Ambiance Matinale” – the good-start-to-the-day menu

To start off a beautiful sunny day at the foot of the Taranis, breakfast on the terrace up to 11am.


Ambiance Détente” – the take-it-slow menu

Lunch – Bocal (home-made conserve) of the day €14 or Menu Bocal €19.

Friday evening "Apéro-nibbles". Come for the fun and friendly atmosphere!


“Ambiance Gourmets” – for foodies young and old:

Evenings and even Saturday and Sunday lunch to boot

Menu O’ Bistro in 3 Épisodes, 2 Épisodes or the same menu with half-portions for your little bundles of joy.


Ambiance Trattoria

Sunday evening and Monday lunch, pizzas à la Napolitaine, hand-made!

To eat on site or take away, depending on the season.



Planche Apéro”,to get the evening rolling, from 6:30-7:30pm

an aperitif board to share with friends or lovers.

Special menus for special occasions:

Lunch on New Year’s Day, St Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, Mother’s Day.


When you book :

VG dishes available on request.

Tell us about anything you can’t eat...

(a list of allergens that might disagree with you and might be found in our dishes

is available at the Reception desk).



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Resto-Bistro L’Épisode à Laboule
Resto-Bistro L’Épisode
Le village - 07110 LABOULE
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