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In and Around Laboule

In and around Laboule, the village facing the Tanargue “thunder mountain”, you’ll never be bored !


- Numerous signposted rambling paths, including the famous Laboule Tour, which takes you from hamlet to hamlet through chestnut forests, across little rivers and streams, past owls and other strange beasts sculpted in stone and stops off at your favourite restaurant-cum-bistro, L’Épisode…

- You can gather the ceps but picking the chestnuts and wild bilberries is prohibited!

- Mountain-biking, cycling with or without electrical assistance, on forest paths and broad tracks and even along the renowned Ardéchoise cycling route …

- Bathing in rivers La Beaume, La Drobie and Salindres

- Fario trout-fishing in all three rivers

- Concerts in the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Laboule from mid-May to mid-September

- Farmers’ market every Friday evening in summer

- Beaume-Drobie trail-running race in June

- Biennial craft exhibition, Vitrine des Créateurs, late July

- Artisans (painters, sculptor, blacksmith, master glassmaker, potter)

- La Croix de Bauzon ski resort 55mn away


Outside the summer season, the inhabitants of Laboule number around 32 in the main village, where you’ll find L’Épisode, but nearly 151 counting the 10 hamlets of Laboule, including secondary residences:

Les Abriges, Le Braud, Le Fabre, Le Monteil, Le Moulin de Modène, Le Rieu, Le Serre, Valos, Valousset and Le Vignal.

Grocery in Laboule


Bread to take away on order

croissants ans similar products available on order

we wish you lots of happiness !

Reading at L'Épisode

Reverie at "Beaux Songes" in Chassiers

On a hike...

At the church of Laboule

Owls sing in Laboule ;)

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Resto-Bistro L’Épisode à Laboule
Resto-Bistro L’Épisode
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