Restaurant l'Episode de Laboule
Resto-Bistro et plus encore...

Welcome to L’Épisode !

L’Épisode …a restaurant, bistro and more…


Sunny atmosphere guaranteed,

whatever the weather!



your favorite "offbeat restaurant-bistro®",

is set high up in the Monts d'Ardèche Regional Nature Park in the tiny village of Laboule right opposite the Tanargue (the “thunder mountain”),

and will whet your appetite

while you wet your whistle!


In this heart-warming , enchanting setting with its shady terrace, air-conditioned premises and panoramic view of the Tanargue,

our self-taught Chef, Pascal Colin,

aka "Pascal O ‘Bistro", does the cooking while

his wife Laurence, aka MamiYo, does the rest (though you won’t catch her napping).

They invite you to come along and taste the Ardèche, lovingly home-made cuisine, cooked on reservation on a day-to-day basis using local, seasonal ingredients in collaboration with the market gardener, cheesemaker, ice-cream maker, brewer, winegrower and other small-scale producers from Laboule and environs.


You can also buy local and organic produce

in our grocery corner.


Bread and pastries baked on site

are available to order.

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Resto-Bistro L’Épisode à Laboule
Resto-Bistro L’Épisode
Le village - 07110 LABOULE
04 75 37 83 37